Energy provider is Avro Energy.  Unfortunately they've just gone bust.  Octopus Energy is taking over all Avro Energy customers.  More information is available here.

Feel free to switch energy provider, but current advice from market pundits is to wait until there are some decent switching deals to be had.

Thermostat is a Google Nest Learning Thermostat, currently located in the kitchen.  The device is configured to work without an internet connection at the moment.  Feel free to reset to factory settings and configure the device up with your own Google Nest account.  Thermostat can be moved anywhere in the house as long as it is plugged into a power supply.  Thermostat responds to voice commands from either Google Assistance, Siri or Alexa

Combi boiler is in the loft.  Details for access to loft are in the Loft menu.  A CO2 alarm is located to the left of the boiler on the handrail.