Control sockets/plugs for the kitchen appliances should all be labelled.  Cooker sockets are located in the cupboard above the microwave.  Fridge socket is located above the counter to the left of the fridge.  Small freezer socket is located in the cupboard immediately behind the freezer in the island.

Fridge freezer Support Page

Small freezer Support Page

Dish washer Product Page and Support Page

Waste disposal unit under left hand sink works via the push button at the very right of the worktop.  Requires no special cleaning as long as left clear of debris after each use.  

Under floor heating controls are in the cupboard under the stairs.

Wood burning stove is in full working order.  A CO2 Alarm is located to the right of the stove.  The stove is very powerful, so not much wood is required to generate a lot of heat.